Don’t mind me, just organizing here...

Eyemodule2 photos by Michal Daniel

My favorite TV show in the early 1970's was Star Trek. I dreamt of an electronic notebook with a camera, like the personal communicators on the Enterprise. In 2001 I purchased an Eyemodule2 camera that fits in the Handspring Visor organizer. My decades-old dream became a reality. That reality is now out of date, made obsolete by toys that become more powerful, more sophisticated each year.

The highest resolution of the Eyemodule2 images -- 640 x 480 pixels -- is the lowest resolution of today’s digital cameras. In the digital universe, the low resolution snaps made with the Eyemodule2 have a feel similar to those made with the plastic Holga and Diana toy cameras of the film world. The Eyemodule2’s rock bottom pixel count -- which makes for "barely the facts" images -- is one thing I love about it.

The other outstanding aspect of the Eyemodule2 is how invisible I can be with it. Standing on any street corner, stylus in one hand, staring down at the organizer in the other,  I can silently make snap after snap, yet to most people I simply project  -- "don't mind me, just organizing here..."

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